☆Scalloped Edges! ☆

Scalloped edges are the most amazing thing ever, like really! They are cute, clean, easy, add awesome detail and did I meantion they're cute? This video will show you the basics of scalloping!

Here are typed instructions as well:

1) Figured out where you need or want your scallops.
2) Cut your fabric into the basic shape it needs to be, be sure to leave seam allowance! 
3) Trace your round object onto your fabric making half circles that connect to make a scallop.
4) Using like colored thread sew along your lines, when you get to corners put your needle in the fabric lift your foot and then turn your fabric to where your line continues. This creates clean corners!
5) Trim your fabric near your stitches!
6) Clip into your corners and your curves.
7) Flip your scallop inside out and iron!

You can use interfacing if you want your scallops to be stiff or extra clean!
Good luck scalloping and feel free to ask me if you have quesitons!! (: