January 2017
Featured Photo Calendar

Each day Cospix features an awesome and amazing cosplay photo from our community members. These images are submitted by our users and then voted on by our uses to select the best image each and every day to represent our community. You can find out more over at the Photo of the Day Voting Page.
01 Black Swan
02 Joker and Harley [Christmas ver.]
03 Aqua
04 Mirajane Strauss
05 Newcon PDX 5
06 Amelia- Treasure Planet
07 Kira Kira Sensation - Knight of Cosplay Photography
08 Shiro
09 Hotaru Tomoe
10 Plasmagica X Show By Rock
11 Casual Dress Hikaru
12 Personal Sessions
13 Honoka (SoreBoku)
14 Rise Kujikawa (P4dan)
15 Magfest 2017
16 Youma Papillion
17 Blossom
18 Hunter's Mark!
19 Agn├Ęs Oblige
20 Love Live Cheerleaders
21 Jareth and Sarah
22 Ruby Rose
23 Super Sonico
24 Anastasia- Once upon a december
25 Jade
26 Jack Frost
27 Mercedes
28 Fai D. Flourite
29 Nisha The Lawbringer
30 Max Caulfield
31 Rin Tohsaka