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8BIT Ambitions The ittybittysmurai is ready for action!
Ambrosia Krys When you want the flavor of bacon in a dip.
AmericanNia www.facebook.com/AmericanNiaCosplay
Anaboko Karasu X - Cosplay www.facebook.com/AnabokoKarasuXcosplay
Aras Ego
Aziza M. Azimedes Cosplay
BitterSweet Photography (Cosplayer @ Bitter Hime)
BlueRockAngel Always willing to help
booksandcorsets Propped Up Creations
ChibiNeko Cosplay facebook.com/chibinekocosplay
Cosplay Instrumentality The year is 2015 A.D.
Cristafurion.com "Believe the Hype!"
Davies Green ConFreaksandGeeks.com
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Eri Kagami blogger, magical girl, fair lady of frills
Essie Host of The CosView on Geek Eccentric
faeriecakes Kristine
Gabby Nu Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/GabbyNuCosplay
Ger Tysk Zidane, can I catch frogs?!?
Jillian Mirenzi https://www.facebook.com/JillianMirenziDesigns
Josh Phelan Cool By Proxy Productions
Kagamine Nico 鏡音にこ❤
Kazoku Photography Looking forward to a great year!
King Crow The King of Crows, the Monarch of Murders, the Regal Rook
Kitsune Kid Bringing the knockout to a convention near you since 2011
Knightmare6 Photographer - facebook.com/knightmare6photo
Koneko YourAverageNerd Cosplaying & Cosfauxtoging
Marie Grey
Mineralblu Photography www.facebook.com/mineralblu www.mineralblu.com
Nation [EyesofNation]
NekoNami [student][cosplayer][writer][quidditch player]
Nichronicles The reining Queen of Sloths
Nicole Fods Jersey-based cosplayer.
Night Eyes Wolves have no kings.
Panda Powered Cosplayer, parkour enthusiast, aspiring artist.
Rikala { Tumblr user Captain-Mindfang }
Senor Paradox Cosplayer, traveler, and occasional blogger
Sheena Duquette http://facebook.com/SheenaDuquette
Shelley Cosplay Cosplay & Photography
shnou Cae of Peabody Tailoring
Some Kid Pretty nerds in costumes let me take pics of their butts, so there's that...
SoulFire Photography I am apparently a ninja
Spufflez Alyssa - Cosplayer and Amateur Photog based in NJ, USA
Suiteheart Cosplay Kaitlin and Amy!
Thaumaturge Cosplay Evin Hodges
Torii Star Cosplayer and seamstress
Wisteria Wings Urban Cosplayer A Go-Go