Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT


Anastasia Grace Part time Cosplayer. Full time Princess.
Aras Ego
Astro Zombie Photography
BAS Photography
breezysaysrelax Cosplayer, Plushie Fanatic
ButtlessButt Just your average Otaku livin' in Boston
Chibi Inu Tsuzuki
Chocobobutt Cosplayer, Artist, Costumer, Gundam, We Rise Mag Crew
Christa~Pea Photography & Cosplay
Copper Chrome
Crinoline Cosplay
Dra-Con Cosplay Mikael Simpson: Lady Beastie Cosplayer
Essie Host of The CosView on Geek Eccentric
Jenna Priz Cosplayer, Artist, Photographer
Joel Guttman Events, Marketing, and Public Relations Specialist Seeking Adventure
Josh Phelan Cool By Proxy Productions
KBV Photography + Cosplay 50% Cosplayer, 50% Photographer. 100% Derp.
Keara Mahoney 22 - Cosplayer - Mecha - MA
Killer Queen Cosplay
Kitsune Kid Bringing the knockout to a convention near you since 2011
Kyla Cosplay
Lady Cels Costume Technician/Technical Production, Cosplayer
LinuxScouser Batman cosplayer originally from Liverpool, UK
Lorenia Cosplay(ing) Photographer
Nichronicles The reining Queen of Sloths
NOT godzilla
Not Your Senpai Cosplay
Paul Williams
Rei Inari "Right! Who wants their hair set on fire?"
Song of a Phoenix
Thaumaturge Cosplay Evin Hodges
The Geeky Panda Stay Geeky My Friends.
Tori McKenna Cool By Proxy Productions
Ukraine Kraine not in the in Urkaine
Vander Photography
Vicious Cosplay Like a french seam: beautiful outside, jagged and un-tamed inside.