Just a penguin who wants to be a fictional character

About Me

Hi, I'm Mur!
I love sewing, painting, and Photography. I make stuff and like to dress up as fictional characters. I'm by no means a professional at either cosplay or photography, it's something I do for fun and the love of it!

26/Male/Advanced-Craftsmanship (Self-taught) Cosplayer
If you have questions about construction, or any of my costumes, feel free to ask!

Mur on CosplayAmino: http://aminoapps.com/page/cosplay/8631485/its-mur
Mur on Instagram: Http://instagram.com/its.mur

Things I Do


  • General
  • Seamstress
  • Wigs


  • Male Characters
  • Other


  • Photo Shoots
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