About Me

I first started cosplaying in 2009. I made my own cosplays but I really had to have a lot of help from my Mom. In 2012 I started to make costumes all on my own. That has lead to where I am now! I want to cosplay so many characters, most of those are from anime or video games. I move around a lot but I currently call Southern Idaho home.
I do compete in masquerades every now and then. Here is my current list of awards:
Misawa Omnicon 2015: 1st Place, Tiny Tina
Zipcon 2016: 1st in Novice, Holo the Wise Wolf
Ikasucon 2016: Best in Advanced, Sakura Haruno, Boruto the Movie
Tomodachi Fest 2017: Rikku- Thief dress sphere, Final Fantasy X-2

Things I Do


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