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About Me

I am a North Pacific Cosplayer in the Washington State area. I am also a dancer and Photographer. I started cosplaying back in 2012 and been going strong since then. I am known as cosplaying strickly From Legend Zelda, Twilight Princess Link. I have a very deep connection to the character and so I guess I stick to what I got. Even it gets boring to others. I will never get bored with cosplaying him. There is a much deeper connection to the cosplay and character then others know. I am also a huge Nintendo fan enthusiast. Video gamer and Youtuber, adventure. When I am not cosplaying I am often to having fun with casually cosplaying, advocating for more cosplay positivity and I use sometimes my photography or Youtube to talk about it. I think one of my hopes and dream is to somehow use my Cosplaying for much more then just wearing at cons. and doing something good with it. So yeah. :)

-Lien (Link) Peck.

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