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I am LyAnne Peacock, also known as J.L.Peacock Studios.

I’m a creative, crazy, ambitious, odd, and determined individual. Most artists are. I am from the South and grew up in Alabama, but I love traveling as well as exploring.

While I was growing up, both parents were very artistic individuals. Either of them could make it into a career though. My mother taught me ability to use my talents and gifts to create things from scratch. Thus creating a passion for me. Although she was not able to teach me the business aspect of it, which I had to learn myself through a lot of trial and error. It is one of the reasons I will never turn down trying something new. It is the only way to learn what works and what does not. My husband pushed this ambition asking why I did not do it full time and gave me the ability to work fully on my pieces.

Using art/books/learning/martial arts as a stress reliever, I have delved into various art mediums. I do not believe in limiting myself to one medium. I have had experience in different aspects all my life including, traditional art(paintings, sculpting, fashion designing, etc), digital art(design, graphics), sewing, and photography. Although I didn't take shots of my work growing up because I was all ways in a hurry to be somewhere, do something.

I remember in school sketching things on a piece of paper and someone giving me money for it before I was even done or paying me for a sketch of their prom dress to send to one of their seamstresses. I even had a teacher ask to send some of my fashion pieces to New York. Shortly after, I moved and lost his contact information in the move so never knew what happened with that.

I was honestly going to grow up with a normal life and get a job rather than a career after going to college. All the jobs seemed unappealing to me as they either required a large amount of schooling and when you graduated, required an even more time consuming career which led to no time with your family or life. The other aspect was working a normal work week and getting paid hardly enough to pay your college fund. While trying to decide, I ran into a photographer who was in my Ninjitsu class. I was all ways interested in photography so joined him on some of his photo walks and carried most of the gear as an assistant. Once I shot a few pieces, I was in love with the field which then peaked the interest of my other art fields. I changed my double major from Business Management and Economics to Art Education since it tended to allow me multiple creative outlets.

This is where it all began. So now I use my talents to make money to attend and finish schooling while creating a portfolio for graduation and a career. I started doing portrait photography with cheap prices and adapted to publications and commercial work for a more diverse portfolio. Slowly I am mixing in my other work in as I need more than one field in my resume/portfolio to become a professor. Quicker than I knew it, I was in Orlando trying new things and meeting new people, being introduced to new aspects of fields. Soon we moved back as my husband missed the open country and beautiful scenery of Alabama which opened more traveling options and gave me the ability for more inspiration opening up Atlanta and Birmingham as a networking point. My goal as a professor is to change the old saying most have, "If you can't succeed, teach." I want to be one of the people remembered for succeeding and teaching what I learned in life to others so they are prepared when they hit that point.

I am all ways learning as that is one of my obsessions is learning something new, so I will all ways be working on something, learning to balance my love for different fields. I have all ready worked with great publications, charities, companies, advertisements, agencies, individuals and enough photo shoots to last a lifetime for a normal portfolio. I have worked with amazing teams who do their best each and every time for great publications like We Rise Mag, Sanctuary Magazine, and Surreal Beauty Magazine. I am grateful for all those who put their time into these shoots, all the opportunities to work with talented and beautiful people, plus those I have crossed paths with in the industry.

Rather than focusing on what I can bring or what we do, I wrote to give everyone a little back story on how J.L.Peacock Studios came to be. Now that you have learned a little about me, I can not wait to meet and work with you.

It is a pleasure to meet you!

~LyAnne Peacock

J.L.Peacock Studios

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