Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI


Back of Beyond Cosplay Perpetual magical girl
Bahamut Night Photography Will work for ice cream!
Breezy Bree I like to play dress up
Christina June YouTube Content Creator | Twitch Broadcaster| Cosplayer
Dadderface Whadd'ya mean "booze ain't food"?
DUSK KING professional magical girl
Emperor Azure
Flaming-Goddess Cosplay Just a crazy kid who likes making costumes and has too much time on her hands.
Gasmasked I'm Tobi
Green I like to make things.
Greyroamer Photography
Hyuni Cos Next
KidaCake Cosplayer of Colorless Productions and Photographer of LevelUp Photography
KiraElric Kamuiyamato
Koalois Cosplayer | Vlogger | Life Coach
Krashly Baby Tier Cosplayer
Life Is A Masquerade Cosplay is a major part of my life and has been for many years. I love making cosplays, I love wearing cosplays, and I love cons.
Liquid Cocaine Photography thrift store clerk by day, cosplay photographer by night
LISXXOR cosplay LISXXOR cosplay is the fangirl alter-ego of fashion designer Lisa Malanij /(^ x ^=)\
Lunaladyoflight Glitter Enthusiast, Cat Lady, Cosplayer.
Lyssala Multiverse Cosplay
Miss Carlette Countess of cute, destroyer of worlds
Miss.Heartlessgirl Midwest Crazy person, attempting crazy things.
Naiiki Kawaii Uguu Desu.
Night Eyes Wolves have no kings.
Owl Eerie Cosplay Formerly Rebel Cosplay
ritzy-kun I rarely color my eyebrows for cosplay
Royal Lily I wanna feel free to be who I am!
SeekingElegance Cynical Pink!
Something Japanese Cosplay Heiz-Cosplay!
Soy Sauce Soydokable to the max!
Stuckey Media
Terranell Big Hair with a Princess Complex
UsagiNoSenshi *~Universal Bunny ~*
Vicious Cosplay Like a french seam: beautiful outside, jagged and un-tamed inside.
whowhatwren Alright, who gave the ginge a camera?
xMinikui Cosplay all of the frilly things.