The mind is everything. What you think you become. -Buddha

About Me

I am a cosplayer/crossplayer, crafter, makeup artist, model, photographer, and much more. I have been cosplaying officially since 2007 but dressing up my whole life, my first anime convention being Kumoricon07. Since then I have cosplayed over 30 different characters, and have over 50+ wigs and growing. My list of 'want to cosplay' is ever growing so keep an eye out for upcoming projects.
I have officially been published in 2 international magazines; Hell on Heels Magazine, and Baba Louies Beauties Magazine. (soon to be 2 more as well)
I am a part of the Modified Dolls -Washington Chapter (A group of beautiful modified girls who come together to help charity's and prove just because your different doesn't mean your bad.)

I am still new to cospix, so you should check out my cosplay facebook page CosplayBug for more of my work ^^

I cosplay a long side my lovely boyfriend Damien (Superfluffywolf Cosplay), we make our costumes together, style wigs together, ect. We also run a craft store, and a photography business. And with my amazing super talented sister Cat (CJCosplay).

You can find my love here:

and my sister here:

Our craft store is Need4Things and we have sold at many conventions.

Photography business is D&D Photography.

Things I Do


  • General
  • Seamstress


  • Female Characters
  • Male Characters
  • Other


  • Photo Shoots


  • Artist Alley


  • Staff


  • Lolita Fashion
  • Makeup Artist
  • Panelist
  • Vendor
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