Branding Guide

The official branding guide for Cospix, The Web Site, and Cospix LLC.

How to refer to Cospix in text

CospixUpper case "C" only
COSPIXAll upper case
cospixAll lower case
CosPixMixed case must NOT be used
Cospix.netUpper case "C" only - Used when referring to the official Cospix Web Site
cospix.netAll lower case - Also used when referring to the official Cospix Web Site
Cospix.NetThe top level domain, .net, must be lower case.
Cospix LLCUpper case "C" and "LLC" - Used when referring to the official Cospix Limited Liability Company
cospixnetUsed in social media URLs only, such as or
#cospixUsed when hashtagging Cospix on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter

Cospix Color and Logo Guide for display and printing

  • The official digital color for Cospix is #00C8E6 : RGB(0, 200, 230)
  • The official print color for Cospix is Pantone 311-C
  • The Cospix "X" may be displayed as either the 3-shade variant or as a solid color (the same color as the main logo)
  • Some printers are single color solid tone or half tone only. In this case, the solid single color for the Cospix "X" is recommended, as to preserve the shape more than the shade of the "X"
  • The Cospix logo may be represented as either the official "teal" color, or optionally displayed as white on a dark background or black on a light background