About Me

My name is Rebecca, and I've been cosplaying for approximately 5 years now! I'm 19 years old. I live in Madison (Wisconsin), but attend college at BGSU in Bowling Green (Ohio). There I am studying for a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Arts & Asian Studies! I'm currently on a hiatus from the cosplay scene, but slowly I'm constructing new costumes and catching up getting photos of my older costumes.

I am very active in the Lolita fashion and Japanese fashion community. I do panels about alternative Japanese fashion at cons (Primarily in Ohio) and curate Alternative Fashion Amino. I also am the treasurer of Anime in Northwest Ohio/ Animarathon. On top of everything I also have recently started a Youtube channel that is primarily alternative fashion, travel, and convention vlogging.

Things I Do


  • Female Characters
  • Male Characters


  • Staff


  • Lolita Fashion
  • Panelist


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