Plus Size Cosplay. Big Girl Dreams.

About Me

I’ve always been into Japanese culture, at least that’s what my mom says. Since I was 10, I’ve been actively a nerd, sneaking manga into church, sketching after homework, and watching anime late into the night.

It was until I was a senior in high school, back in 2009, that I attended my first con, A-Fest ‘09, in Dallas, TX. It was a culture shock: men wore sailor suits, girls dressed in streamlined, revealing outfits, and everyone’s hair resembled Crayola’s 64 pack. Yet it felt like home, and it was actually what got me interested, and invested, in cosplay and costumery. Since then, I’ve gone to over 15 cons and have evolved from hand-sewing costumes to busting’ them out on my trusty Brother sewing machine, Kirino.

Although I’ve been involved in the con circuit for nearly five years, I’m still a greenhorn, but i don’t feel bad at all. I love costuming: it’s allowed me to share myself, and no matter what, I’m proud of my work. I just hope I can share the experience with you.

In more recent times, I’ve begun to desire working towards becoming a voice for plus-sized queer POC costumers. I’ve very passionate about helping further equality, especially for larger cosplayers, regardless of gender. I think it’s so important that everyone feel good in their skin. After all, isn’t cosplaying about having fun?

Things I Do


  • Female Characters
  • Other


  • Lolita Fashion
  • Makeup Artist


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