About Me

I started cosplaying back in 2012 so it really hasn't been that long but I hope to improve as the years go by.

My first cosplay was Rin Kagamine and I bought this costume back in 2012 for a local anime convention called Kamicon. Mabel Pines was the the first costume that was made and yes I do not make my costumes. My mother makes them mostly because she doesn't trust me enough yet to sew on such big projects. I have done a lot of closet cosplays and there really is only a few cosplays I am proud of.

I mostly attend southern cons but I'm moving soon so I'll be attending cons like Katsucon and etc. I don't know what cons I'll be attending until I move and do more research.

Cosplay Idols: Foxy Cosplay, Courtoon, Misseyru, Dustbunny, MangaFreak150, Kitnichi Cosplay, and loads of others.

Things I Do


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