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Lets see I'm an anime enthusiast who attends college and works part time. I also take photos of people as a side hobby. I love cosplay and hope to improve my sewing skills as I go along. I tend to cosplay my own things but when I get a group together its a blast! ^^

I started cosplaying October 2007 at Oni-con, my first costume was Vexen from Kingdom Hearts. I did not really make the costume just used a robe that my brother had from an old Halloween costume. I have been sewing though from a young age, my grandmother taught me how. But I stopped sewing for about 10yrs and took it up again shortly after I started college. I'm rusty but having fun re-learning what I was taught a long time ago. I love learning new tricks of the trade and love teaching people if they have any questions! <3

I have always taken pictures of everything that interested me, but I started getting serious about it in 2010 when I bought my first DSLR camera. I'm a Canon girl. XD I'm still learning and I'm mostly all self-taught. I host lots of mini-photoshoots around my area, if you live in the Houston area and would like some photos taken of you, hit me up!

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